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Our Mission 

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Knowledge without wisdom limits itself to reason, yet to comprehend the nature of energy that holds all of existence and to incorporate it into yourself, it is necessary to open your channels of internal perception through experience itself.


In order to facilitate this experience, Ancient Path was born. Creating the opportunity to integrate the wisdom of the original traditions of the Americas into our everyday lives.


Ancient Path is the will to weave the paths of true guardians and guides, with those of us who are wanting to learn with integrity and respect for the traditions and teachings we seek. 

Through Ancient Path's offerings, we are committed to giving back directly to the wisdom keepers we have the honor to work with. We are a for-benefit collaborative that strives to center the traditions still intact while honoring the new world that is birthing. 

We are in this great turning.   

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Sacred Reciprocity

Ancient Path Collective upholds the sacred art of reciprocity, one of nature’s profound lessons and a pillar of existence. Mesoamerican cosmology recognizes that within the intricate tapestry of the cosmos, all life thrives in interconnected relationships and harmonious exchanges.

Our mission is to support our guides to continue expanding their reach to heal, educate, and empower more and more people throughout the world. Through this sacred reciprocity, we will be able to give back directly to our guides in their important work to preserve Indigenous wisdom, and in turn, benefit their healing centers and communities.

If you would like to support our mission of reciprocity and supporting the traditional wisdom keepers, you can make a donation here, directly benefitting their communities. 

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